Fabulous Lobster Rolls and the Cheapest on the Mid-Maine Coast!!

We stopped by for lobster rolls for lunch. The take out menu is lobster rolls, with either butter or mayonnaise preparation, and crab rolls. The lobster rolls were very good size with big chunks of claw and knuckle meat on a beautiful butter toasted bun, they were just delicious! Can't beat their price of $9.99 either cheapest anywhere that I have seen. The store is run by an Alaskan Sea Captain who fished for years on the Bearing sea. He has also developed and packaged lovely meal boxes containing a choice of fish with fresh frozen vegetables and brown rice. Can choose wild sockeye salmon, cod, and Alaskan pollock. The box comes with two servings of fish, and has fresh Key Largo grown vegetables and a sauce for the fish. We will definitely try the meal boxes!! They are extremely well priced from $11.99 for the salmon to $7.99 for the pollock.


Amazing lobster rolls! We're staying at a timeshare up here and mostly everything is closed.... this was a great discovery! We also got the lobster mac and cheese and heated it up in our unit. So good!

Checking on a friend

This is an excellent concept in fast food!!! I have had the frozen meals and the lobster rolls!! Wayne's beat out all the other places I've tried!!! The frozen meals are supper and easy to make

Can’t beat the lobster rolls

I recently stopped here for a lobster roll. The small is 9.99 and more than ample. Lots of lobster meat and the roll is perfectly done. You won’t find a better price anywhere. We sampled their fish sauce and it was delicious. They offer numerous frozen take out options and all looked darn good. Give this place a try. The owner is very friendly.

Morgan's Claw Logistics LLC

We transported a vehicle to Maine from North Carolina. Our customer recommended and drove us himself to try this lobster roll. He even payed for it! I'm only upset that I only had one. I live all the way in New Jersey. This is BY FAR, the best lobster roll I've ever eaten. I will be back! Like the terminator, and I will terminate more than one the next time. Thank you again for that goodness for my tastebuds. All the best!!

Best Lobster Roll

I judge all Lobster Rolls by theirs. If your like me, and only want butter on your roll, you can’t beat it. I have been eating here for two years and there always fresh and delicious. You won’t find a better lobster roll at this price anywhere or at any price.

So If you just have the urge for a quick Lobster Roll in-lew of a hot dog,Give them a try, you won’t be sorry

The Best Maine Lobster Rolls

This place serves the absolute best Maine Lobster Rolls in the town known for its lobster. You can choose butter, mayo or both on toasted buns. Available in 2 sizes. I had the regular size. And the price is very reasonable. It's easy to miss this place as you drive by so keep your eyes open. It is definitely worth a stop - the lobster rolls are outstanding. They also have frozen seafood dinners. It is takeout with picnic tables.

Great Lobster Rolls and Great Prices

We had the regular size lobster rolls. They were fantastic! Best lobster rolls we've had. And the price was great too. It is shocking but some places in this area are charging 2-3 times more. The buns were toasted in butter and the lobster was tender and sweet. We took our lunch down to the harbor to eat but he had picnic tables there too. We'll definitely be back probably in a day or two when we start craving a lobster roll again.

Best-ever Lobster Roll

Absolutely best lobster roll. Cooked by The Captain himself! Perfectly grilled bun, heaped with large chunks of lobster. I got it with butter and Mayo, as suggested by the Captain. The story of being a captain on a ship in the Bering Sea topped off the experience. No indoor seating but picnic tables in front of the restaurant were perfect.

Mouth watering Lobster Roll

We had the large lobster roll. Enjoyed every bite of it. Fresh and sweet lobster meat with buttter /mayonnaise on the side. We ate the roll as soon as the owner finished making it. There's picnic table outside the shop which is also next to a pizza place. The owner is friendly and willing to custom made the lobster roll for you, price is very reasonable too.