About Us

Wayne Oxton, Founder / Owner

I am the owner of two distinctive brands: Alaskan Captain R and Maine Lobster Club TM. I established these brands in 2019 after a lengthy commercial fishing and maritime career. As a Maine native, I began my commercial fishing career as a sternman on lobster boats out of Harpswell, Maine, over 40 years ago when on my off-time from working tugboats out of NYC. After many years of NYC and commercial fisheries on the East coast, I left NYC and pointed my compass Northwest for Dutch Harbor, Alaska. In Alaska, as a Federally Licensed 1600-Ton Captain, I commanded "Frozen-At-Sea" commercial fishing vessels for nearly 30 years near the Russian border; Homeport: Dutch Harbor, Alaska. I arrived in Dutch Harbor approximately 15 years before the start of Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" first season. On my off-time from the Bering Sea, I would return to Rockland, often referred to as "The Lobster Capital of the World and home of the "Maine Lobster Festival". Commercial fishing and living in fishing communities has been a significant part of my adult life. With this unique industry knowledge and background I obtained a high degree of specialization in seafood. When you purchase my products, you are not just buying great seafood at a great price, you are buying the story behind the brand. See our 5 STAR ratings online. @ Google, YELP, and Trip Advisor! Captain Approved!!

High-Quality Lobster, Scallops, Shrimp and Fish Online

With our unique connections in the seafood industry, combined with a network of global suppliers we know where to source the finest ingredients for your products. We pass along our knowledge and sourcing experience to you, our customer.

Quick Freeze Technology

Technology on "Frozen at Sea" commercial fishing vessels in the Alaska Bering Sea has evolved to the point where frozen fish is comparable to, if not better than, fresh. I know first hand that this is a true statement in most cases. Rapidly freezing seafood within minutes of its catch allows the species to preserve its peak quality, texture, and flavor until you are ready to eat it.

Many times I have been to market and seen fish marketed as "fresh". What is fresh? Is fresh, 12 hours out of the water or is it 3 days? Often times it is a situation of "buyer beware".There is no clear definition at markets.

For consumer health, safety, and confidence, we only offer products that are "IQF" or "Frozen at Sea."